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2009-2010 FCCLA By-Laws

1.  Membership Requirements and Voting Rights

·       FCCLA is a student organization. A student enrolled in any FACS class can be a member of our local chapter, but must pay dues to participate and be affiliated with district & state FCCLA. 

·       Voting rights are granted according to the the number of meeting and activities you attend.  Any member who has 3 or more unexcused/suspended absences or 6 unexcused tardies per semester will lose all voting privileges.

2.  Executive Council

·       All executive council members need to attend all weekly executive council meetings. No more than two excused or one unexcused absence or two tardies are allowed. No school suspensions will be tolerated. FCCLA students are expected to always set and serve as positive examples of good character of the student body.

·       Removal of any executive officer from his/her duties for failure to fulfill his/her duties in class shall follow this procedure 1) formal letter of warning 2) re-evaluation by executive council 3) removal from office. Unless the student was suspended or caught stealing. This will result in immediate removal of office

3.  Attendance Requirements

·    If a member is absent during a vote with an excused absence, he/she shall forfeit their vote.

·    The work schedule will be posted at least 1 week ahead of time. Once the schedule is posted, the member is responsible for finding someone to work their activity. Failure to work an activity will result in -10 quality worker points.

4.  Stealing

·    FCCLA will abide by the DRHS discipline policy. If a student steals money or merchandise from the school business (es). 1) first offense- police contacted 2-3 day suspension with restitution  2) second offense- police contacted, 5 day suspension with restitution  3) third- police contacted 10 day suspension; recommendation for expulsion. Officers will be immediately removal from office. All offenses must pay back all stolen merchandise(s)

5.  Amendments to the Business By-Laws

·    By-Laws may be amended by 2/3’s vote of the executive council plus 2/3s vote of members.