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Personal Journal

Personal Journal

Teen Choices and Challenges

Objective:  To create an informational journal that describes you as an individual to the class. 

Directions:  Design and create a journal that describes you as a person.  You will use a plain, ordinary spiral notebook.  Be as creative as possible by painting, 
drawing, and collage with magazine pictures and real pictures that mean something about you.  The following topics must be represented on your journal:

 1) Interests and hobbies

 2) Personality

 3) Where you were born  (city, state)

 4) The most wonderful thing that ever happened to you.-Be creative when describing who you are and what you are like

 5) 1 personal strength you like about yourself 

 6) 1 weakness you would like to change about yourself 

 7) Family

 8) Job (if you have one) and what you want to be when you grow up.

 9) Friends

 10) One interesting fact you would like people to know about you.  


 A spiral notebook and collage materials are due:_______________ and you will have about 45 minutes of in-class time to work on your cover. (10 pt)

 Journals and presentations are due at the beginning of the hour on: ________ 

 Creativity and neatness are required; you will use these journals everyday throughout the semester.  (10 points).

 All 10 subjects must be represented on your journal cover to get full points and they must be school appropriate. (20 points, 2 each).

 Your name and a description of all 10 subjects must be listed on the inside of the cover. (10 points).

  Present your final product to the class in a 2-3 minute presentation explaining all 10 things you put on your journal cover. (10 points).

 This project is worth 60 points!

-What happened that has changed your life and made you who you are today. What has shaped you as a person.-(no physical characteristics)

Journal Set-up

Front Cover- Collage of pictures about you. Abstract and represent, think creatively.

(Have your name somewhere on the cover. Use pictures, stickers, magazine clippings, etc. No one  should be able to see the color of the cover.) 

Inside Front Cover-The inside front cover is to briefly describe each of the ten topics that are represented on your cover. Make sure you label each one. The cover 
page needs to be in nice large print so it is easy to tell whose journal is whose. 

 (*Inside Front Cover)   (*Cover Page)


1. Interests:

2. Personality: 

3. Birth place:








Teen Choices & Challenges

(semester), (Your name)

Personal Journal 

Everyday set-up- Everyday you will have a Question of the Day and a Class Connection to answer and critique. This is how it needs to be set up or you will not receive full credit.

  • Date
  • QD: Answer the question in complete sentences unless otherwise noted. Ex: list, brainstorm, etc.
  • Class Connection- (the name of the person presenting),1-2 sentence response to the class connection and how it made you feel and reactions to the C.C. etc. 
  • Any class notes or activities will follow the class connection critique.