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Class Introduction        

Listening 101

Decision Making

Positive Relationships

Conflict Resolution

Time to Spare: Time Management

Stress: Managing for a Healthy Life

1. Syllabus and Website:

Assignment #1:Open the Listening 101 PowerPoint. Read through this PowerPoint either individually or with a partner or group.  While you are reading the Power Point make a detailed outline in your notebook. You can also find the PowerPoint on your computer on the R (student) drive --go to bottom of page where folders are and open Consumer and Family. Then open Relationship folder, then click on Listening 101 ppt.
Assignment #2:  NEWSLETTER - Directions (DUE WEDNESDAY):
1. After watching a newscast or Ted Talk on the Internet, students will create a news article for a newspaper using either Publisher or Word. They will use the information heard on the newscast and paraphrase/summarize it into a one page newsletter complete with headlines and pictures.
2. Using the links below in the Internet Sources, choose a specific story that you are interested in.
3. Students should use the skills learned in Listening 101 to create a newsletter that will include all the stories or skills mentioned in the newscast/talk with as many details as possible.
4. Each news article summary should be a minimum of 100 words (that's not very much).
5. Students will compare newsletters to see how information is received differently by different people.

INTERNET SOURCES:Relationship Assignments

  1. Ted Talk Vulnerability
  2. Ted Talk Listening to Shame

Decision Making Powerpoint

What would you do?


bulletStudents will select a specific factor which influences the decision making process and prepare a one to two page personal essay explaining how the factor previously influenced a personal decision.
bulletStudents may choose any decision from their past but should explain the decision in detail.
bulletStudents not be required to share their essays with the class.

Communication Relationships Assignment:  Students will evaluate their level of communication effectiveness for two different relationships.  Students will write at least two paragraphs explaining their perceived level of listening skills as well as their current level of communication within each relationship.  Students should provide at least two examples from each relationship as the basis for their written analysis.

Want Ad Assignment: Students will write a "want-ad" for a best friend.  The ad can also be changed to a "for sale" ad in which the student highlights their relationship and friendship strengths.

Take the Positive Relationships quizzes at 

Dating Rules Assignment: Students will create a list of 10 dating rules.  The rules should indicate how students expect to be treated and how they will treat others while dating.  The rules could also incorporate guidelines for keeping them safe or happy while dating such as no kissing on the first date or always tell someone where you are going.  Discuss the factors with influenced you to choose those rules and why it is important to have dating rules with your group. (You may work with a partner or in small groups)

Assignment #1: Video Clip (Conflict Resolution, The Waterboy)

Assignment:  Website