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Assignment #1:  After reading through the class syllabus sheet have a parent/guardian sign and return for points by Wednesday.


Journal Entry: 

What methods do people use to find jobs?  How is technology becoming a bigger part of finding jobs in today's society? How have you (or your parents or friends) found jobs that you (or they) have held? What do you need to acquire a job?  How important do you feel it is to be prepared for a job even before you get it?  (one page type)




Journal Entry:
What basic ethics should guide the behavior of a well-known business leader?  In what ways-if any- should that leader's ethics differ from those of a part-time worker in the leader's company?    Pick a negative or unethical trait that you sometimes see in yourself.  What are some ways that you could improve that negative trait?



Journal Entry: Your first day on a new job can make you feel both excited and anxious.  In your journal write a list of five or six questions and concerns you might have on your first d.  Then list things you could do to answer your questions and address your concerns.



Journal Entry:  List five words or phrases that come to mind when you hear these terms:  police officer, lawyer, judge.  What do you think your responses say about your understanding of-and attitude toward-our legal system?

 Log on to:

You will be given a portfolio. Your final year end grade will be based upon the completion of your Employability Portfolio and Presentation.
Create a Cover using wordle.

Personality Wordle Title Page
1. Go to the following website: or
2. Select the "create" option.
3. Insert 100 words that best describe you and your personality. Your "name" and "employability" should be inserted 25 times. No other word should be used more then 15 times.
4. Print your final "wordle". It will be used as your cover for you Employability Portfolio.
IMPORTANT: Create a folder for all your computer documents from this class NOT from the public SERVER... I REPEAT NOT ON THE PUBLIC SERVER. If I find anyone's things on the public server, they will be punished to the fullest extent of the law. just kidding. But you will lose your points for any documents I find on the public server unless I have told you to do so. You WILL use the stuff we do in this class again in your lives so save yourself some time by saving your work on a flash drive!:)

Float Class Project
  1. Write Donation Letter to area business
  2. Deliver Donation Letter to area business you chose-talk to owner/manager. Explain who you are, what the donation is for and why you need it. If they need time to decide tell them you will check back with them in a day or two. Be sure to thank them for their consideration.
  3. Check back with your business in person. 
  4. Make Checks out to DRHS WOW Class
  5. Bring in donations/supplies
  6. Brainstorm theme of float/break into teams and get going.
  7. You must be present and participating in the making of the float
  8. Must participate in the Parade and tear down/cleanup of the float
  9. You must compose and deliver a Thank you letter to your business
  10. You must complete the Lessons Learned Reflection to receive your project grade

Personal Information

  • Assignment #1:  Reality Check
  • Assignment #2: Your Future! Road Map - (Fear PowerPoint) Using a computer program such as Paint, Word, etc., you will create a Road Map to your future. Be creative. There could be turns in the road, stops along the way, etc. This should be completed on normal printer paper so it will fit into your portfolio.

  • Mr. Deeds
  • Assignment #3: Your Plan for Life - Personal Mission statement (Mission Statement PowerPoint) - Research what a Personal Mission Statement is (there are many examples on the internet). I also have examples in the classroom that you may look at. CREATE your own personal mission statement  (Mission Statement Rubric.
  • Assignment #4: School Activities & Awards - it is very important to keep track of all school and community activities and awards as they will aid you in college, scholarship, and job applications. You may set this up as you like with different categories (such as academic awards, sports awards, etc.) You will be glad you did this!!! Print it out for your portfolio and save a copy in your folder. You will also input these activities  into your Portfolio if you haven't done so already. 
  • Assignment #5: Exploring Careers Assignment: 

Personal Assessment
Analyze personal assessment results to explore career options
  • Assignment #1: ALL ABOUT ME 
  • Assignment #2:  Follow the directions through the Interest Profiler.  Print or save the results of your Interest Profile. 
  • Assignment #3:  Now move on and take the CAREER CLUSTER SURVEY. Print or save the results.
  • Assignment #4:  Move on to the BASIC SKILLS SURVEY. Print or save your results. 
  • Assignment #5:  Follow directions and move on to the TRANSFERABLE SKILLS CHECK LIST. Print or save your results. 
  • Assignment #6:  Move on to the WORK VALUES SORTER. Print or save your results. 
  • Assignment #7:  To finish up click on THE CAREER KEY on go through your final questions. Then click on the Careers you are most interested in and fill in your Career Research Paper. Here is another option for a Career website.
  • Assignment #8:  Click on the Assess Yourself button, then Take the   Target your interests- test.   Career Quiz (use to answer questions for your Career Research Paper)
  • Assignment #9:  Create a summary of two careers of interest, related to the ones you targeted in the Target your Interests Survey, in career matchmaker on career cruising and/or career cruising activities. If you have problems use this link Career Research Directions to answer the requirements below. 


bullet Title of Job
bullet Description of Job
bullet Salary & major benefits
bullet Education & training
bullet Demand/Outlook
bullet Working Conditions & Hours
bullet Job Duties and Responsibilities
bullet At LEAST one picture
bullet Use color and be creative!!!

Use outside resources such as the Dictionary of Occupational Titles , Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2008-09 Edition, Occupational Outlook Quarterly , along with your textbook, to help you complete each Career Plan.

  • Assignment #10:  Interview one person in the career of which you are most interested. 
  • Assignment #11:  Participate in work-based opportunities 

Job Acquisition Skills
Demonstrate job acquisition skills

CLIP:  Did you Know (How Fast Things Change) Did you Know


Exploring Sources of Job Leads

  • Assignment #1:  Read Chapter 6.1 (pages 112-118) of the Succeeding in the World of Work textbook.  Complete this Graphic Organizer chart using the information in the text and put it in your portfolio. 
  • Assignment #2:  Find Jobs Online:  Over 120 million professionals use to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities.  It is a great way to connect with other professionals and potential employers and to present yourself in a good, professional light.  Develop a one page flyer that could be distributed at employment agencies detailing and highlighting the important characteristics and opportunities that Linkedin provides.  You must use your research skills to find more information.  (This assignment will be graded on the following:  Appropriate Design (colors, fonts): 10 Points, 5 Points about Linked In:  10 Points.)
Applying for a Job (before beginning these assignments choose a job that you could apply for right now, such as day care assistant, teacher's aide, grocery store, Taco Bell, Foothills Park and Recreation, Target, Kohls, etc.--something that you are interested in!)
  • Assignment #3:  Read Chapter 6.2 (pages 119-127).  Complete the attached Graphic Organizer Sheet and put it in your portfolio.
  • Assignment #4:  JOB APPLICATION - Complete the Job Application provided to you by Starbucks and put it in your portfolio.  NOTE: Applications often request references.  References are people who will recommend you to an employer.  Choose references carefully and be prepared to list them on the application.  Teachers, counselors, and former employers make good references Make sure you ASK PERMISSION to use people as references.  By the end of the semester you will need two letters of recommendation (one from a school official, administrator, counselor, or teacher and one from an employer or other community representative).  It may be a good idea to get a head start on this.  (These will also be useful when completing scholarship applications!)
  • Assignment #5:  COVER LETTER - Using the information on Pages 124-127 of your textbook and the example on page 125, write a professional cover letter to the business owner that you chose before completing this unit.  Have teacher check this before putting it in your portfolio.
  • Assignment #6:  RESUME:  Go to  and look at the examples and information it gives you.
  • Assignment #7:  Using what you learned at the Resume Writing website and in Chapter 6 of your textbook (Pages 122-124), and on additional web resources  create resume.  You MUST have this resume critiqued by teacher AND two classmates before putting it in your portfolio.  Be SURE to save this in your Employability Skills folder!  We will also utilize the Resume Builder in your MyPortfolio on Career Cruising.
Preparing for the Interview CLIP 1, CLIP 2 (Dick & Jane)

  • Assignment #8:  Read through the Interview sections in Succeeding in the World of Work book. (pg 131-151).
  • Assignment #9:  Complete the Skills Evaluations on page 148-149
  • Assignment #10:  Use presentation software (such as PowerPoint or to develop a two-minute "commercial" that summarizes your skills and abilities.  Create separate slides for your job skills, personal qualities, career goals, hobbies and interests, and educational achievements, as well as a slide with quotations from your teachers, coworkers, or work supervisors.  Present your live "commercial" as if you were presenting it during an interview for an appropriate job.  (print out slides in handout form and put in your portfolio after presentation). Or a two-minute "commercial" on Interviewing techniques and how to prepare for an interview. Must be very detailed.
Note:  After completing your Job Interview portfolio you will participate in a Mock Interview.

Work Ethics 

Indicator #2: Identify career interests and plan for career options

 (Write down all times you notice a showing/lack of work ethics.)

Work Ethics Clip 1: The Exorcism of Emily Rose

bullet Assignment #1:  Read Chapter 9 in Succeeding in the World of Work book and create a Word Document of Vocabulary Words (Save in your folder on the public server).
bullet Assignment #2:  YOU BE THE BOSS: pretend you are the boss of a job that you would be interested in applying for.  Using a computer program such as word, publisher, etc., create a checklist of the ethics, qualities, skills, abilities, etc., that you would expect from someone applying to work for you.  Be creative.
bullet Assignment #3:  PROFESSIONALISM ASSIGNMENTS:  View the Who is a Professional PowerPoint.  Read "The Seven Characteristics of a Professional".  Complete the "What Not To Do" Video Project in groups of 4. (May use Windows Movie Maker,, etc.)

Professional Development

  • Group Projects:  Groups/Partners will each be assigned a chapter related to professional development which they will teach the rest of the class.
  • Those chapters include: Chapters 13-18

Safe Practices in the Work Place

A.3 Describe safe practices in work places

The History of Workplace Healthy & Safety Clip, to the 1920's
The History of Workplace Health & Safety Clip, 1930's to WWII
The History of Workplace Health & Safety Clip, WWII to OSHA
bullet Assignment #1:  Read Chapter 8 answering the Review Key Concepts at the end of both sections (type these in a word document and put them in your portfolio.)
bullet Assignment #2:  Orientation Program - Situation:  You are part of a four-person human resources team for a large company.  You need to develop an orientation program for new employees.  Activity:  Design a presentation about the company to welcome new employees to their jobs.  You can choose to invent a company or choose an existing one.  Present the company to the class using an overhead transparency, poster, or PowerPoint presentation.  Be prepared to answer questions that would typically be asked by a new employee.  Evaluation:  Your group will be evaluated on how well it meets the following performance indicators: 1. Give an overview of the company's values and mission. 2. Describe the company's policies and procedures. 3. Explain the various benefits offered to employees.
bullet Assignment #3:  Choose a career that you are interested in and research state and/or national safety requirements for the selected occupation.  Print them out for your binder.

Employer & Employee Rights and Responsibilities

A.4 Analyze employer and employee rights and responsibilities

  • Assignment #1:  Read Chapter 12.  Complete the graphic organizer for both sections and put them in your portfolio.
  • Assignment #2:  Class Activity:  Working in a group of three, come up with an example of a dispute that would require arbitration.  Decide who will be the arbitrator, and have the other two group members defend opposite sides of the dispute.  After listening to both arguments, the arbitrator should make a judgment in favor of one side, explaining his or her reasons.  Then switch roles until all group members have had a chance to be the arbitrator.

Entrepreneurial Expedition

NFTE Venture – Entrepreneurial Expedition Course Outline

  • Posted: March 21, 2014
  • In: Course MaterialsThe NFTE Venture – Entrepreneurial Expedition curriculum consists of 3 learning modules with rich content, activities, videos, quizzes and critical thinking & writing opportunities.  The outline below shows the basic structure of the  course.


Module 1: The Entrepreneur In You
  • Course Intro Video
  • Lesson 1: What Is Entrepreneurship?
    • Content/Activities
    • “The Decision” Video
    • Meet Your Fellow Entrepreneurs #1
  • Lesson 2: Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur
    • Content/Activities
    • “Building Character” Video
    • Takeaway: Entrepreneurial Characteristics
  • Lesson 3: Entrepreneurial Thinking for Life
    • Content/Activities
    • Meet Your Fellow Entrepreneurs #2
    • Takeaway: Careers
  • Quiz (10 Questions)
Module 2: Planning & Building A Business
  • Lesson 1: Generating Business Ideas
    • Content/Activities
    • Takeaway: Signature Dish Name
    • Takeaway: Signature Dish Description
    • Takeaway: Truck Name & Design
  • Lesson 2: Understanding Your Market
    • Content/Activities
    • Takeaway: Target Market
    • Takeaway: Location
    • Takeaway: Competitors
    • “Nobody’s Perfect” Video
  • Lesson 3: Building an Entrepreneurial Team
    • Content/Activities
    • Takeaway: Organizational Methods & Hiring
    • “Cash Flow” Video
  • Lesson 4: Finances – The Cost of Doing Business
    • Activities/Content
    • Takeaway: Price
    • Takeaway: Income Statement
    • Wildcard Scenario
  • Lesson 5: Marketing – Promoting Your Business
    • Activities/Content
    • “Know Your Worth” Video
    • Takeaway: Value Proposition
    • “Mix It Up” Video
    • Takeaway: Promotional Mix
  • Quiz (15 Questions)
Module 3: Your Business Snapshot
  • Lesson 1: Crafting a Pitch for Your Business
    • Activities/Content
    • Meet Your Fellow Entrepreneurs #3
  • Lesson 2: Engaging Audiences with Your Business Pitch
    • Takeaway: Creating a Business Pitch
    • Takeaway: Business Pitch
  • Quiz (5 Questions)
  • Meet Your Fellow Entrepreneurs #4
“Watch your business take off” Finale

 Diversity Issues

A.5 Analyze diversity issues related to employment

  •       Assignment #1: Research the beliefs and cultures of several ethnic groups

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